Tonight at the Riviera Theater Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators put on an amazing show to a near capacity crowd. Prior to Slash's set,  Chicago's own The Lovehammers opened the night and Foxy Shazam followed them, giving one of the best 35 min balls to the wall rock and roll performances I've ever seen.

The Lovehammers have played every venue in Chicago... except The Riviera Nightclub.  That changed tonight.  Invited by Slash and tapped by jam productions to open the show, The Lovehammers got to do something they dreamed about when they started the band.  They got to open for Slash at The Riviera Nightclub.   They always put on a great show and tonight was no different.  Front man Marty Casey uses the entire stage and directs the crowd.  Being their hometown, it was clear that Slash and The Lovehammers have many of the same fans.  The Lovehammers beat out a host of other local bands to get the opportunity to open the legendary guitarist's September 28th show at the Riviera Theater.  The Guitar Center OnStage contest provides unsigned artists a chance to open for established artists such as Motley Crue, KISS and Jane's Addiction.  Twenty bands were chosen to perform during Slash's summer/fall tour, and Slash chose the bands himself.  The top performing opening act during the tour will be selected to win a grand prize of $30,000 in merchandise, including guitars, drums and everything else an up-and-coming band needs.

Next came Foxy Shazam opened with "Welcome To The Church of Rock and Roll" which displayed the groups dark edge and high energy level.  For the remainder of the 35 min set the band did not stop moving.  The keyboard player  Sky White at one point stood on the keyboard playing it with his toes.  The trumpet player/backing vocalist had some kick ass dance moves.  Singer/Front man Eric Nally is one of the greatest rock and roll showman I have ever seen.  Eric honestly performs every moment filled with the spirit of Freddy Mercury, Jim Morrison, and Iggy Pop.  One of the highlights of the set is when keyboardist Sky White decided he wanted to body surf during the set.  This would seem normal except for the fact that he took his 88 key keyboard with him on top of the crowd  with him and continued playing it while the fans suspended him and the keyboard up in the air.  If you have never seen Foxy Shazam I suggest you find a way to see this band soon in a club near you supporting Slash before your going to arena's paying arena ticket prices.  They are by far one of the best bands out right now!

Next came the band everyone in attendance had come to see.  Slash ft Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Fronted by vocalist Myles Kennedy, the band does an excellent job of getting the crowd excited.  His voice is absolutely superb.  The bands energy matched the crowds energy during the entire set.  Slash is exactly what you imagine him to be. He is a Rock and Roll Legend, He is a Musical Icon, and He is a Class Act. Above all else, he is undoubtedly one of the best rock guitarists of all time.   His mere presence is the essence of rock and roll.  Several times during the set list Slash went to the center of the stage and played a series of blistering guitar solo's that demonstrated to everyone in attendance who he is now is no different than who he has always been. A guitar player in a rock and roll band.    The set list for Slash contained both G'N'R' hits and a selection of songs from Slash's other projects.  Everyone in attendance had no problem singing along to the fan favorites which included Sweet Child O’ Mine(G'N'R), Slither, and Paradise City (G'N'R').   At the end of the night Slash took the time to recognize both The Lovehammers and Foxy Shazam.  He made sure to thank the crowd, the production crew and the staff of the Riviera.    I highly recommend checking out this tour.  You wont be sorry.

Foxy Shazam setlist:
Welcome to the Church of Rock ‘N’ Roll
Yes Yes Yes
Holy Touch
I Like It
Killin’ It

Slash and The Conspirators setlist:
Night Train
Standing in the Sun
Back from Cali
Been there Lately
Civil War
Rocket Queen
No More Heroes
Doctor Alibi
Out to Get Me
Not for Me
You’re a Lie
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Fall to Pieces
Paradise City