Article by: Kelly Milionis, Senior Contributing Writer/Interviewer/Reviewer

Photos by: Brian Morgan


Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, aka Sleigh Bells, cranked up the volume during a late night sold-out set at Chicago's Metro.  Sleigh Bells' concert was rescheduled from September 28, 2012, due to a fractured radial bone injury sustained by guitarist Derek Miller at a skatepark in Florida.  Starting their nearly one-hour set at 10:58pm and ending just before midnight, Miller and Krauss pumped out an even balance of songs from their well received 2010 debut album, Treats, and their 2012 sophomore follow-up, Reign Of Terror.

Providing a two-guitarist, near-deafening assault of power chords and heavy bass and drum programming with Krauss on vocals, Sleigh Bells offered up their own brand of heavy metal or, if you prefer harder rock, including elements of indie rock, electronic dance music and hip hop the duo is noted for.  Krauss delivered her lyrical content by screaming, whispering, panting, rapping, and shrieking with a full on vocal prowess that was fun to listen to.  She, at times, brought to mind comparisons of several classic women of rock, Chrissie Hynde and Joan Jett in look, attitude, passion and presentation.  While twirling about, spinning around, reeling to and fro, thrashing forward and backward, swiveling her hips, or kneeling on stage to an onslaught of colorful, dizzying and blinding lights, Krauss provided many a seductive silhouette that certainly caught the attention of the raucous crowd.  And, she did not disappoint, nor did she stop there, especially to fans on the main floor.

Krauss' energetic and passionate banter fed the frenzied fans generating a sense of wanting anything and everything.  From crowd surfing to hand clapping, jumping up and down in a crush of bodies to swaying back and forth and yes, dancing; receive they did. "Are you ready?" yelled Krauss to an overwhelming YES response from the boisterous crowd leading into "Demons."  "Feels good to be back in Chicago, so good to be back, not just Chicago, but with you" she explained while pointing to fans directly down front on the main floor, then she began "...2...3...4 push it, push it, push it," into "True Shred" to yet another, even noisier crowd response.  "Alright," she yelled, "had a feeling. You feel like dancing? You ready to give everything you got?" then fans began jumping up and down feverishly to "Kids."  And, it was back and forth all set long continuing through to the end of their three song encore of "Never Say Die", "Riot Rhythm" and "A/B Machines".  "Thank you Chicago!" yelled Krauss.

Then, in the blink of an eye it was over, leaving a trail of exhausted Sleigh Bells fanatics remembering vividly what just happened; a chaotic reality that was an all out assault on the senses.





Crown On The Ground

True Shred


End Of The Line

Born To Lose

Comeback Kid

Straight A's

Leader Of The Pack

Tell 'Em


Infinity Guitars

Rill Rill



Never Say Die

Riot Rhythm

A/B Machines