Linkin Park is one of those bands that bring me back to my high school days where I would lock myself in my room and run away from all of my fears. Incubus on the other hand is one of those bands that I remember listening to while with friends enjoying a nicely incense filled room. Arriving at the Midwest Ampitheater, I hadn’t really taken a listen to Incubus or Linkin Park in quite some time. I unfortunately missed Mutemath as they started right at 6:30pm. A few minutes before Incubus went on, the crowd was already chanting and expressing their excitement for this show. The minute they stepped foot on stage they delivered the crowd an outstanding amount of energy. Brandon Boyn began to sing the lyrics “Goodbye nice to know you” the crowd was singing along like nothing I’ve seen before. Brandon knew how to perform with an incredible presence on stage, he spent a fair time of the show whipping a very “retro” microphone around and living the energy through the air. The stage surrounding the band was very immersive with some trippy video playing in the background and a flying ballerina Hitler that shot laser beams out of his eyes. As they continued their amazing set, an older lady maybe about 50-60 years of age takes a few hits from a doobie allowing her self to really let go and become one with the music. The band played an incredible cover of “I can see it in your eyes” originally by Lionel Richie. Candles appear in the candelabra on the piano and a glass of wine is poured for Brandon and the guitarist. They begin to play the song “Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there” as the wine and candles are only the most perfect setting for this song. The energy of the crowd at this point is very enthused as the world around them is filled with an orange glow. Incubus played a new song that Brandon played the percussion part for. The last song, “Sitar” Brandon had put his hair back in a bun and looked like he was just about ready to be done with his set. But the set wasn’t over until he hit the Gong, in fact it was the only time the big gong was hit throughout the entire performance.

Before Linkin Park went on, The Honda Civic commercials were playing a couple of their songs. I noticed that the majority of the people in the amphitheater were lipsyncing the words and seemed like they knew every single one of them. Linkin Park took the stage full of energy and excitement. The band played for about 2 hours making sure to play all of their biggest hits. Chester Bennington sang the best performance that I’ve ever seen him sing. About 2/3rds of the way into the performance, fireworks made way for an amazing backdrop to their great set. They played some new songs, some old songs but definitely pleased the crowd with every song. After attending a few Honda Civic Tours, I would have to say this one isn’t one to miss as they continue to get better and better every year.