Last night at the Double Door it was all Chicago local pure rock 'n roll. It's always good to see a night where all the bands are just ass kicking rock bands. If you're going to a show to see The Last Vegas, that's what you're in for.

Starting off the night was The Infected, a punk band that has been around a few years. Watching these dudes decimate their instruments with guitar harmonies reminiscent of Iron Maiden (but faster) with a ton of attitude is a lot of fun. It's loud, in your face and well performed. They played a lot of their newer material, which is really well written and quite technical compared to a lot of the punk rock and metal bands I hear. When you see their name on the bill, if you haven't watched them already, make sure you check 'em out!

On second was Hessler, a local Chicago heavy metal band. Watching a Hessler performance is like being transported back into the 1980s again. It's raw, sexy and fun music that has a lot of dual harmony guitar solos and hair swinging. These guys and gal have stepped it up quite a bit in the last couple years and really have the stage performance down to a science. Check 'em out if you get a chance.

By the time TLV took the stage, the Double Door was completely packed and ready to have some sleazy rock tunes jammed down their throats. From the first note on these guys were by far the loudest band of the night. The singer, Chad Cherry, is an animal on the stage and commands a crowd well enough to go into a rock 'n roll battlefield and take no prisoners. These guys really play their hearts out and you can feel the blood, sweat and tears in every one of the songs presented to the crowd.

TLV played a lot off of their newly released record, "Bad Decisions", a title fitting for most nights I've seen the band play a show. These songs are awesomely crafted and have a very raw feel to them. The single "Evil Eyes" was one of my favorites of the night. I could easily hear that  song playing in the background of a movie scene with girls dancing on poles everywhere and vampires fiendishly  lurking about.

Unfortunately, they played with only a single guitar player. I wasn't used to hearing the songs like that, but they still sounded bad ass! The last couple songs were from the previous record, "Whatever Gets You Off" and everyone in the Double Door sang along to nearly every word. It was fantastic to hear and see that all these fine Chicago people know the songs of such a killer band.

Go buy the new record, "Bad Decisions"  by The Last Vegas and catch them at a show when you get a chance somewhere on their worldwide journey to spread their breed of RnR. These boys aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Review by: Christopher Lee

Photos by: Thomas Mayer