This past February CMM contributing photographer/videographer Brian Morgan and I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to meet and get to know the guys in a band called Alice Anna. At the time they had an awesome video out and were generating allot of industry buzz. What we found when we arrived in Baltimore was more than we could have ever expected. The guys in the band welcomed us with open arms. We videoed their show at Rams Head Live and stayed with them for a few days. Dan, Mike, Hunter, and Josh quickly became some great friends of ours. Shortly after we left to go back to Chicago, the band went to some meetings where they solidified the deal that would change their lives forever.

They moved to LA and began work at Westlake Studio. Due to some reasons beyond their control Alice Anna had to change their name to The Secret State. This was a familiar name to the members since it had been their name together before Alice Anna when Dan and Josh were based out of Florida.

The Secret State worked for several months and the time came to release their first single. I had spoke to Dan from time to time just to check in and say hello and I honestly dont even think he knew prior to the release how much the music world would embrace the new music him and the band were writing.

The Secret State released their first single "Say It's Over" on all major digital distributors however the song immediately became a YouTube staple. The video was directed by a close friend of the band Brian Morrison also of Baltimore.

As the video quickly came to life more and more people began to talk about this band and the fact that they came out of nowhere seemingly overnight and now had received over 9 million views of their video on YouTube.

Even with the massive amount of success they were experiencing on YouTube, the band did not stop in the studio. They had set their goals and were focused on accomplishing them.

With "Say It's Over" being added to radio all over the country, today The Secret State released the video for their second single "Biggest Mistake".

Join the masses of people around the world and watch as this band makes their climb. Take it from this journalist when I say they are some of the nicest, most kind hearted people I have ever met.

I HIGHLY recommend this band and urge you to check out their 2 videos on YouTube and to stream or buy their music on Itunes or Spotify (in addition to all other digital distributors).

All of us at Chicago Music Magazine are eager to see what comes from this band. They are without a doubt in our minds a band to keep your eyes on.