The five men of The Vida Sky are true and genuine musicians. On Friday December 7th they organized a show involving five different bands and Subterranean. Even though they were not the headliners, this group was the most interesting to watch.

Upon entering the show, the first band had just begun to play. Tides Will Turn was the first band and they are among the screamo genre. The passion was surely there along with a great energy level. The lead singer sang a bit as well as screaming which showed diversity.

Daylight Dawns followed the first band. The overall sound of the group was well developed and layered. There wasn’t very much variety from piece to piece, but the talent was there. The lead singer and drummer especially caught my eye. The singer had some great pipes and the songs were geared towards this. The drummer had an impressive solo in the middle of the set as well.

The Alaya Conscious who played after The Vida Sky had an impressive set list. They were great musicians and put more of an instrumental focus on the show. However the energy level wasn’t as high as the other groups. The talent and songwriting skills are clearly there, but the showmanship wasn’t as prevalent.

Board of Governors were the actual headliners. The impressive trio sounded like a fusion of hard rock with Chili-Pepper-like vocals. The sound was original and the melodies very catchy. This group is certainly one to keep an eye on.

The Vida Sky played third and had the best energy of all the groups. You could feel the passion coming from all five members. The group consists of Nicholas Miller on vocals, Dion Morales on bass, Chase Baumgarten on guitar, Trevor Kay on guitar and Kevin Grant on drums. The group had strong lead vocals, and creative percussive elements. While all members were very talented, again the drummer and vocalist stood out. Their sound as a whole was very cohesive and it was obvious they put the work in to be sure of that. Typically the main melodies are what one remembers coming out of a show. With this group the verses really came forward to me. Each song had very controlled verses with creative vocal lines and beats.

The first two songs “A Sailor’s World” and “Sleeps with Wolves” began the set with strength. The bass lines in both songs were interesting and unexpected, as was the drum beat. The vocal lines in all songs were impressive however starting with “Looking At Stars," the third song performed, really showed off Miller’s talent. Following that was “Just Like the Sun” which had all the same great energy and creative elements as the previous pieces. The final and most notable song was titled “The Difference Between Sleeping & Dreaming.” The melody was emotional and powerful, and every member of the band showed that emotion in their performance.

Overall each band put on a good show. But keep a special eye on the men of The Vida Sky. This local Chicago band has a great future ahead of them.