Something very interesting happens when Holle Thee Maxwell takes center stage. One can’t help but watch her every move; she is extremely unpredictable.  It’s not sexual prowess…it’s not flaunting her sexy self on stage, although it’s all there for you to see and judge.  She is being herself, and with that she is something all together VERY different than ANYTHING I have ever experienced before.  She somehow throws the personal judgment thrust upon her back at the judger, but it's all positive.  Then something happens next, something you’d least expect.  She ignites an internal sexual inferno, feelings buried so deep, beholders may have never had opportunity to realize existed UNLESS they saw Holle.  She sings her blues, but people are uncomfortably laughing.  Her songs are funny and raunchy, yet empowering and strangely satisfying.  But there is something else that I as a woman can only describe as being something that could only happen to a woman...there’s a sexual mental change that occurs by watching and feeling her.  It's empowerment.  Sexual empowerment.  She puts a light to a woman’s sexual desires and torches any shame placed by societal pressures.  She recognizes a woman needs to extinguish the embers.  And yeah, she teaches you how to go about that.

It’s one of those unexplainables, her performance.  A must see at some point in one’s life who chooses to live a life to the fullest.  I’m not sure exposure to Holle is anything I will be able to describe properly…that level of sexual maturity one walks away with after experiencing Thee Holle in all her glory.

The history behind the woman, that woman:  Holle Thee Maxwell.  Seven decades worth.  Yeah, she has something to share.  Those who are fortunate enough to be open to the experience, reap the benefit.  I’ve seen her twice.

Playing at Buddy Guy’s Legends on a warm-for-Chicago rainy Monday night is cool, but this woman has played much bigger stages, during a time I...I can’t even try to understand, but have come to somewhat realize.

Do any of us REALLY know what happened in 1945?

Through research I can find:  Civil rights started to earn a place in history and Holle Thee Maxwell was born. Twelve years later, Eisenhower helped kick-start a civil rights legislative program.  In 1977, when Holle was 32, she replaced Tina Turner in Ike Turner’s Band.  These were interesting times, and Holle holds a perspective unique to most.  She was busy being successful during some of the most difficult times in our history’s recent years.

I try to imagine those times.

Holle lived them, albeit and lucky for her, in a big city; Her sweet home Chicago.  As a woman, she contributed to development of Chicago Blues.  She is something worth embracing and loving...She is history.

Holle is LOVE, and it was instantaneous for me.  She assures women in her audience one thing...You are WOman.  Own it, embrace it, don’t dare be ashamed by this fact.

Holle Thee Maxwell arouses woman to fondly view her ovaries as “BALLS”.  She digs ‘em out for you and makes damn sure you are aware you’re the proud owner.

Way beyond soul, this woman makes a girl piece it all together quickly and say -Hell Yeah!-

She is a 20 minute woman.  Give her that and your sexual outlook will be changed forever.

It was from man a woman was developed, or so the story goes.  Holle rises above the whole shame deal a woman experiences during self-evaluation of her body and realized place in society.  She makes you realize that the “woah!” in woman is not shameful, and encourages you to shake it and break the mold, Tina-turned-against-Ike-Turner style.

Her face has not changed one bit over the years...she still has her resemblances of Tina Turner...legs included.

Watching her, you can feel her and something inside...the smoldering of woman, catches fire.  Experiencing Holle makes you want to OWN your WO-man.  Societal messages instruct us to hide this deep innate part of our soul, and bare superficially.

Holle embraces her essence of woman and demands both man and woman alike to recognize...recognize in her, but more importantly, recognize in themselves.

Woah! Man.  Give the woman some respect.  She has earned it and deserves it.


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