Trap at The MID

By Michelle Stroner

People came from all over the Midwest to see the DJs, especially RL Grime, that performed at The MID last night. Unlike many nights at the club, it wasn’t just local Chicagoans. I overheard several people talking that they had come from out of town to see the show, particularly Iowa and Indiana. The staff at The MID knew the place was going to be packed, so the reserved seating that’s usually in the middle of the room was all moved out of the way so that club-goers could dance. There was still some seating on the sides of the room if people wanted to sit down, but not many people stood still. Nearly everyone was up and dancing, runnin’ the trap.

Rap and hip-hop music played as clubbers trickled their way in. It wasn’t as loud as normal, but that made for a good mingling atmosphere near each of the bars on the sides of the club. It was only half an hour after the club opened, and the place was already crowded enough where it was hard to walk from one side of the club to the other without bumping into someone.

At 11pm, the duo that is Regulators, ATLIS and SWGGRBCK, took the stage. It didn’t take long for the crowd to start dancing. The music grew louder and the club kept filling up with partiers. Even though most people were there to see RL Grime, a lot were excited to see Regulators, who are Chicago-based DJs. They got the audience going, especially with their remix of a Missy Elliott song.

The last opener before the main act was DJ Real Juicy. He pumped up the crowd and encouraged everyone to get “crunk.”  There were occasional lulls when the energy would die down a bit, but he would hype everyone back up with familiar songs, even remixing Darude’s “Sandstorm” into a trap song. To keep things exciting, he gave away a couple of his hats. He threw them into the crowd to give those lucky people a souvenir to take home with them. It’s not something that’s typically done at these shows, but it kept the crowd’s attention.

Once 1am rolled around and RL Grime was seen coming on stage, the audience roared with excitement. The Los Angeles DJ rocked the decks for an hour and a half, dropping sick trap beats. The MID was slammed wall-to-wall with dancing fans as RL Grime played original tracks and remixes, including “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi, “Rattle” by Bingo Players, “Swing” by Savage, and “Pop That” by French Montana. His mixes had the crowd going the whole time, and the fog machines from above and the servers on the second floor dropping cocktail napkins onto everyone on the first floor added to the fun of the show.

Finally, resident DJ of The MID, Zebo, closed out the night. Since the main entertainment was over, the majority of people had cleared out. Only about a third of people remained in the club. Even though most everyone had left, there were still people that wanted to party, and now there was space to move around. Zebo kept with the trap theme, but he also threw in a remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman” and played some dubstep and drum and bass music as well. He also dropped a new original juke track and ended the night with “Ignition” by R. Kelly. The MID is known for playing more house-type EDM music, but it’s clear that after last night, this club can definitely run the trap.