TWLOHA Heavy and Light Tour in Chicago was a very special night indeed. An all-acoustic night filled with some very heavy poetic speakers in between each band really enlightened the experience of the evening. In a house famous for blues, the sounds of an acoustic guitar and vocals came to life.

The opening of the show started with a countdown, which lead into a video presentation about the non-for-profit. After the video presentation, a member of TWLOHA was lit up with a bright light randomly in the balcony telling everyone in a very poetic and god-like voice “Come closer, come into this, come closer; you are quite the beauty. If no one has ever told you that before know that right now you are quite the beauty. There’s joy in your mouth, how your mouth dances with your teeth.”

Shortly after his poetry, Abby & Noah Gunderson made the stage with a surprise appearance by Aaron Roderick Gillespie of Underoath on the drums.  Throughout Abby & Noah’s performance another surprise performance, Jonathan Mark Foreman made the stage to perform during their set. At this early point of the show, the intimacy of an acoustic show reminded me of what a rare opportunity that it is to see all of these artists up on a stage performing acoustically.

After Abby & Noah’s set the founder of TWLOAH made his way to the stage in Bull’s basketball shorts that he borrowed from one of his friends who formally was on the Bulls.  As he enlightened the guests of the show with some more poetry they prepared the stage for Now, Now.

Now, Now’s performance was just as awesome as the one before with a special appearance from Bryce Avary singing a part of the vocals.  By this point, I was expecting all of the artists to fill the night with surprises. Cacie Dalager’s bells attached to her ankle caused her to stop the set a few times and joked about how the bells kept falling off.

When Bryce Avary made it to the stage, he mentioned his solo project and his current one. He played a few songs off of both and surprised the audience with a fun chorus of “I Knew You Were Trouble” known famous by Taylor Swift. Bryce also made sure to mention that Chicago was the best night of the tour and was sad to be leaving this amazing tour.

Aaron Roderick Gillepsie made it to the stage with a bass drum, guitar and his great voice. Hearing some of my favorite The Almost and Underoath songs was a cool experience. Of course as every other set has had some surprise performers on stage throughout the evening, Abby & Noah made it out to perform with Aaron.

When Jonathan Mark Foreman made the stage, unexpectedly so did his drummer and backup vocalist. They played a lot of their big hits and really brought the night to an epic close. The crowd involvement was quite special, especially when Jonathan stopped singing during their biggest hit “Dare You to Move” and went up to the audience and pumped them up. From the looks of it, everyone in the crowd was singing along and knew every lyric to their song. The first time in all of my attendance at House of Blues; I really had felt that the House of Blues had taken off to a new extreme. During the last song of the show, every single performer of the night was on stage singing. It was so awesome to see artists enjoying each other and respecting one another as musical artists and people.

It was the last night of the tour for a few of the artists, after being on tour for most of the tour it was a very emotional night for them. After the show, every artist was out on the floor meeting their fans, giving hugs and providing a friendly atmosphere for all who had come to the show. This show wasn't just about the music but it was about the people and the energy. It was an inspirational night that reminded everyone to love life and music.