Article by: Penny Lane

Photos by: Brian Morgan

On October 24th, 2012 young adults waited in line anxious to enter the doors of the UIC Pavilion. The overwhelming smell of Mary Jane filled your nostrils and gave your mind a sense of tranquility as underaged college girls stumbled about in a drunken trance. “It’s Trippy Mane” could be seen written across the chests of hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops. The Taylor Gang family had arrived to Chicago with so much in store.

The first to grace the stage of the smoky pavilion was TGOD’s first lady, Lola Monroe. Although her appearance was short, she managed to get the crowd rocking performing a few songs off her future mix tape Lipstick and Pistols.

Next to come out and represent was Chevy Woods, a Taylor Gang member from the start. Being known as Wiz Khalifa’s right hand man, Chevy has released several mix tapes. Gangland being his latest, he tossed out a few snippets from the mix tape to make sure that the crowd was in tune. He followed that set up with a few songs off Cabin Fever 1, reminding people why they were there to begin with.

Lola Monroe and Chevy Woods did their thing, but the party didn’t really “Turn Up” until legendary Juicy J came out and gave the crowd what they spent their money for. Juicy J is indeed no stranger to the rap game, starting out in the Grammy Award winning hip hop group Three Six Mafia, and what would the show be if he didn’t drop songs like “I Get Fly,” “Slob on My Knob,” and a song that the young crowd barely knew about, “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp.” Keeping the energy up and the crowd just as live, Juicy J invited close to 30 ladies on stage to perform “Bands a Make Her Dance.” Juicy J set up the vibe that Wiz needed for his twenty-plus-song set.

Never in the 22 years spent on this lovely Earth have I ever experienced a set like Wiz Khalifa’s. It’s been said that Wiz is the Mick Jagger of hip hop. With his own personal style and crazy dance moves, Wiz definitely knows how to put on a show. Help from his band gave songs like “Cabin Fever,” “The Cruise,” and “Mary” a more euphoric sound. Halfway through his performance, Wiz brought out Chicago’s own 13-year-old Lil’ Mouse, who performed his single “Get Smoked” and had the whole crowd doing the money dance. To keep it in the city, he performed “Homicide” off of Cabin Fever, produced by Chicago native RMB Justize.

As the show started to come to a close, he couldn’t leave us without performing a couple songs off his album O.N.I.F.C which drops on Dec. 4th and closing the show with “Black and Yellow” and “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Wiz reminded us all why we loved him so much and why we were there. With his fusion of Hip Hop and Rock, Wiz offered us a different side of entertaining in the Hip Hop realm that nobody should ever miss out on the opportunity to see.